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1. What is Knockout 2.0?

Knockout 2.0 is a workout booster with a formula based on precisely selected doses of crucial substances that enhance your workout capabilities. The composition of this pre-workout supplement is the result of many years of studies and laboratory tests by Olimp’ experts, who created a high-quality complex of active thoroughly tested ingredients that improve your capabilities and effectively help you build a muscular body. Choose Knockout 2.0 to get on the right track to success!

2. Composition of Knockout 2.0

The composition of the Knockout 2.0 pre-workout supplement is based on optimum effective doses of substances that are known to strengthen your body against increasing fatigue and help perform even better during workouts. The formula contains nitric oxide boosters (L-Citrulline and L-Arginine), and substances increasing fatigue resistance (Beta-Alanine) and stimulating the nervous system and improving concentration (Caffeine). But that’s not all! The Olimp research team also added various plant extracts (black and cayenne pepper, guarana, barley) to increase effectiveness and boost your performance even more. With this formula, Knockout 2.0 lets you push the boundaries of the impossible!

3. How Does Knockout 2.0 Work? Effects and Properties

The formula of the Knockout 2.0 is in itself an answer to the question: does this supplement really work? It is hard to deny! The dose of ingredients in this pre-workout supplement give you a real boost during strength and endurance workouts without overstimulating the nervous system. Knockout 2.0 is a precisely adjusted formula that helps you build a muscular body and achieve your goals. The ingredients of Knockout 2.0 give you:

  • A right dose of stimulation
  • Increased strength and “muscle pump”
  • Increased resistance to body fatigue
  • Perfect conditions for building lean muscle mass

4. Knockout 2.0 – Effects Proven by Research!

Knockout 2.0 is one of few preparations for athletes whose properties are supported by scientific evidence. Olimp’s experts decided to check the real impact of this pre-workout supplement on selected motor skills and nervous system stimulation.

The study was carried out on 23 men with advanced workout experience, who were given a serving of Knockout 2.0 (study group) or a placebo (control group) using double-blinded methodology. The research hypothesis was that using Knockout 2.0 would lead to improved muscle strength and anaerobic capacity. The analysis was based on three successive stages.

  • Lower limb strength test (knee-joint flexure and extension)
  • 3RM test (the performance of a maximum of 3 barbell-press repetitions while lying down)
  • Wingate test (cyclo-ergometer training at the highest intensity for 30 seconds, with a load of 7.5% of body weight)


The results obtained during the study conducted at Olimp’s exercise laboratory at were as follows.





Lower-limb strength Flexure/Extension


Lower-limb strength Flexure/Extension



3 RM


Wingate test


Maximum Power Time




~ 110 kg

8.49 W/kg

5.952 s

Knockout 2.0



~ 118 kg

8.67 W/kg

5.459 s


The values in the above table show quite clearly that using Knockout 2.0to support workout leads to real effects. If you want to learn more, go to the “RESEARCH” tab, where the results of this study are discussed in detail.

5. Dosage of Knockout 2.0 – How do I Use it?

Knockout 2.0 is a pre-workout supplement, which means that it should only be taken on workout days. Olimp recommends taking 1 serving of the product up to 30 minutes before the planned physical activity. Mix a dose (cola or citrus flavour) with about 250 ml of water and drink immediately afterwards. Remember – this product must be used as an addition, not a substitute of a balanced diet! A 400 g package of the product PLN 132.

Don’t be a Punchbag – KNOCK OUT Your Opponent!

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