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Swolen Nitro


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SWOLEN NITRO PWO is the most innovative and advanced pre-workout formula on the market based on Creatine Nitrate, Arginine AKG, Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine), Citrulline Malate, Betaine Anhydrous, Glycerol Monosteina, Amilopectin, Caffeine (NewCaff® microcapsules), D-Glucoronolactone, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Black Pepper Extract (Bioperine®).

Its 12 active ingredients work with perfect synergy between them and make SWOLEN NITRO PWO your best ally for when you do high intensity training.

SWOLEN NITRO PWO contains no sugars, aspartame, or any filler, which results in a formula with maximum purity and that focuses solely and exclusively on the function of all its active ingredients.

Its ingredients include:

Creatine nitrate: is the newest form of creatine. Creatine nitrate is possibly the most soluble and bioavailable creatine out there. It is a creatine attached to a nitrate molecule. It causes great intracellular hydration (water retention within muscle cells) rather than outside cells like other creatines. But what makes creatine nitrate unique is that it helps stimulate nitric oxide production. This achieves a significant increase in muscle strength, endurance and congestion.

Arginine AKG: is the most recognized form by athletes for its important properties. It increases nitric oxide production, promotes protein synthesis, stimulates muscle mass growth, improves blood flow by optimizing oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells and helps fight free radicals.

Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine): is the only patented and clinically studied form of Beta-Alanine. It helps to raise carnosine levels in the muscle and, with this, helps to delay muscle fatigue. It also helps reduce oxidative stress, which is critical to increasing athletic performance.

Citrulline malate: essential to increase nitric oxide levels, thus greatly increasing blood flow. In this way, greater oxygenation is achieved in the muscles.

Betaine anhydrous: fundamentally helps to improve athletic performance. It helps increase strength, power and endurance, promotes protein synthesis and promotes muscle development.

Glycerol monosterate: helps transport nutrients in an effective way. Glycerol is a substance that has been shown to help raise blood plasma volume, meaning it helps achieve better muscle congestion due to its ability to retain intracellular fluid.

Caffeine (NewCaff® microcapsules): is an alkaloid that acts as a central nervous system stimulant, providing us with more energy and delaying fatigue. NewCaff® microcapsules is a novel caffeine patent that helps release energy long to maintain training intensity in a more durable and effective way.

D-Glucoronolactone: is a carbohydrate that forms naturally in the liver from glucose. Helps improve muscle performance and decrease fatigue.

What are the benefits and features of SWOLEN NITRO PWO?

  • Helps improve recovery after high-intensity training.
  • Helps increase protein synthesis.
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress.
  • Helps increase muscle mass.
  • Helps improve blood flow.
  • Helps increase energy levels.
  • Helps reduce fatigue.
  • No sugar.
  • 12 active ingredients.

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