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1. What is Olimp Veggie Protein Bar?

Being a vegan or vegetarian does not mean giving up on sweets!  Olimp proudly presents its new product on the functional food market, which may turn out to be your new support for your diet and in the process of working on your dream body. This is Veggie Protein Bar - a unique high-protein bar with no animal derived ingredients added. Thanks to microbiologically tested ingredients and innovative technology of Olimp's laboratories, this product supplements your daily diet with optimal dose of complete protein, high dose of fiber and above all substitutes sweets once and for all, without the slightest risk!

2. Olimp Protein Bar - ingredients

The most important fact about the ingredients of the Veggie Protein Bar is that there are no animal derived ingredients. The formula is based on pea protein isolate and rice protein concentrate. The manufacturer consciously decided not to choose commonly used soy but to use hypoallergenic protein sources instead. The optimal dose of proteins was combined with a high content of dietary fiber and a little of carbohydrates (with just a few grams of polyols!).

But this is not the end of the benefits of the Veggie Protein Bar. The composition of this bar is a result of intensive work of experienced specialists from Olimp, numerous purity tests of the ingredients used and innovative production technology. It is lactose-free and gluten-free, which reduces the risk of food allergy reactions. What is more, this vegan bar from Olimp is low in sugar and contains only a few grams of saturated fat. Thanks to this, it leaves behind the "fit" bars of the competition! And it does not compromise on taste!

3. Why to choose Veggie Protein Bar? - effects

Veggie Protein Bar is a product from the group of functional foods, which is recommended primarily for vegans and vegetarians who want to supplement their daily diet with the optimal dose of vegetable protein and fiber. Due to the low content of sugar and only a few grams of saturated fats, the product can be used during the period of weight loss and reducing the body fat as a safe and healthy alternative to sweets. It is gluten-free and lactose-free, so it is perfect for people with food intolerances or food allergies. Small size, three amazing flavors, and above all fantastic ingredients - choose the Veggie Protein Bar and experience the real power coming straight from the plants!

Eliminates hunger

Dedicated especially for vegans and vegetarians!

Perfect substitute for sweets and unhealthy snacks

Supplements your daily diet with the optimal dose of protein and fiber

Supports the growth and maintenance of muscle mass thanks to the protein content

4. Meet the flavors of Olimp Veggie Protein Bar

Can a healthy and vegan bar be tasty? Of course! And the Veggie Protein Bar proves it! Experts from the Olimp company after many attempts finally obtained the right consistency and form of their product, which is characterized by an exceptionally pleasant aroma and chocolate-flavored coating. Wondering how it tastes?  Just choose one of three amazing flavors of Veggie Protein Bar, which will change your thinking about vegan products once and for all:

Double Brownie



5. How to use Veggie Protein Bar?

Veggie Protein Bar is a dietary supplement and therefore it cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Olimp recommends eating 1 bar during the day - at any time.

Natural power from plants - Veggie Protein Bar!

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