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1. What is Gladiator High Protein Bar?

Being on a diet you don’t have to deprive yourself from all kinds of sweets. The Olimp Sport Nutrition company presents a new bar.Thanks to healthy ingredients such as protein and fiber, you will certainly keep it on your menu for a long time. Gladiator High Protein Bar is nothing like many popular fit sweets, which often don’t taste well or are too hard to bite. Therefore, be prepared for a real pleasure thatwill be difficult to forget for a long time!


2. How does Gladiator High Protein Bar work?

Protein barsare products which belongto the group of so-calledfunctional food. They look and taste similar to sweets - so popular and often unacceptable during a diet. Olimp Sport Nutrition bars come in several types and flavors, but all have one common feature: high quality and attention to every detail! The biggest advantage, however, are the ingredients. Unhealthy calories from sugars are reduced to a minimum without losing the sweet taste. They are perfect as a healthy snack or as an optimal cheat meal!


3. Ingredients of Gladiator High Protein bar.

Gladiator High Protein Bar, like other bars of the Olimp brand, is characterized by a high content of high-quality nutritious protein. In this case, we get as much as 22 g of protein, mainly from milk, with a small, less than 2 g sugar content. If we add almost 7 g of valuable fiber, then we can say with a clear conscience that the Gladiator High Protein Bar is a fantastic alternative to sweets and a fantastic help during weight loss! From now on, the reduction of excessive kilos does not have to be associated with sacrifices! We shouldn’t forget about other ingredients that are not easy to find in other bars.Natural vanilla flavor, real chocolate, xylitol, and amazing crisps will make every bite a real pleasure. Here is a perfectly chosen composition of ingredients that allowed to create a bar with an excellent macro!


4. Delicious protein bar – flavors of Gladiator High Protein Bar

Gladiator High Protein Bar is available in 6 fantastic flavors that will satisfy even the most demanding fans of a healthy lifestyle. Make your choice and lose yourself in a real sweetness that will not ruin your restrictive diet!

• Brownie (exceptional power of chocolate)

• Caramel with Peanuts (sweet caramel with nuts)

• Raspberry Dream (delicate raspberry in chocolate)

• Strawberry Cake (delicious strawberry and white chocolate)

• White Chocolate Espresso (real coffee with white chocolate)

• Vanilla Cream (a tasty combination of cream and vanilla)


5. How much does it cost and how to use it? Price and dosage/serving of Gladiator High Protein bar

When purchasing the Gladiator High Protein Bar, we must remember that it is not a substitute for a healthy and nutritious diet, but something extra, something to add to it. Olimp recommends eating 1 bar a day - at any time. The purchase price for one bar is 2,66 €.

When you are tired of fighting your appetite, reach for the Gladiator High Protein Bar!

High-protein and tasty bars really exist - here is one of them!

You do not have to fight for desserts in your diet, simply take the Gladiator High Protein Bar!

Gladiator High Protein Bar - overcome hunger and desire for unhealthy sweets!



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