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1. What is OlimpRedweiler? A legend among pre-workout supplements

2. Redweiler is composed of as many as three different complexes!

  • The Armageddon Pump Formula → a mix of AAKG and L-citrulline with added sodium and vitamin B6
  • Berserker’s Performance Blend → a combination of Beta-alanine with two forms of creatine which supplement vitamins and minerals
  • Red Fury Matrix → the appropriate doses of L-tyrosine and caffeine supplemented with extracts from two varieties of pepper

3. How does Redweiler work? Effects and properties 

  • A powerful and perceptible muscle pump, which results in better transporting of nutrients to your muscles (AAKG1, citrulline2)
  • A real increase in strength and endurance, thanks to which we can exercise even longer and at maximum speed (beta-alanine3 and creatine4)
  • Ideal conditions for building pure muscle mass
  • A specific dose of stimulation which will allow you to concentrate fully during a workout (caffeine)
  • Real reduction of fatigue during exercises (vitamin B6)

4. Redweiler supplementation – how do you use it?

  • up to 75 kg → 6g (2 measuring cups)
  • from 75 to 90 kg → 12g (4 measuring cups)
  • over 90 kg → 18g (6 measuring cups)

5. The price of OlimpRedweiler – and where do you buy?

  • Sachet (12g – 2 portions) → PLN 5
  • Jar (480g → 80 portions) → PLN 139

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